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“I think we should give him more time.” Mr Salguero is among the millions of Mexicans who still have high hopes for ’s “fourth transformation”, which is to make the country work better by ending corruption and rampant crime and distributing gains from economic growth more fairly. He envisions it as the successor to the war of independence of 1810-21, the war for liberal reform of 1858-61 and the revolution of 1910-17. But in two years of transformation has changed Mexico much less than did these momentous events, and mostly for the worse. In practice, the fourth transformation seems to have three main elements: the undoing of recent reforms; new initiatives that fail to solve the problems they purport to; and concentration of power in the president’s hands. ’s “neoliberal” predecessors, however sensible, were quick to go. Early in 2019 he scrapped an education reform introduced by Enrique Peña Nieto, his immediate predecessor, that linked teachers’ pay and promotions to the performance of their pupils. abolished Prospera, a much lauded conditional cash-transfer programme for the poor. Handouts, for example to farmers, are now presented as presidential gifts. tried to reverse the opening of energy markets, once dominated by state monopolies, to private and foreign enterprises. Mexico’s Congress is debating a bill under which electricity generated by state-owned would get priority access to the grid, in preference to cheaper alternatives. This would not only raise prices for consumers but could breach the ), North America’s free-trade pact. It would put at risk some 150 renewable-energy projects that are expected to bring more than $40bn-worth of investment, and make it impossible for Mexico to reach its commitments to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. cancelled the construction of a $13bn airport for Mexico City that was already half-built. These policies have undermined the confidence of investors. If all this were a prelude to enacting bold ideas for improving Mexicans’ well-being, the cost might be tolerable. But ’s solutions are bullets discharged from an antique gun that is badly aimed and packed with too little fiscal firepower. His dedication to fiscal discipline, laudable in a populist of the left, became counterproductive in the pandemic.

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